Offshore Company Formation in Botswana

General Overview. Botswana is constantly growing as an offshore financial centre, which is one of the most attractive offshore jurisdictions in Africa. The government constantly introduces economic reforms, in order to diversify the state economy, to increase the number and improve the quality of financial services, as well as to provide tax incentives to companies engaged in various economic sectors.

Investment Funds. Open-ended and close-ended funds may be incorporated in Botswana. Investment funds may take different forms including unit trusts. As capital gains are not taxed in Botswana, always a bigger number of international investors chooses this jurisdiction for conducting their offshore investment activities.

Insurance Sector.  It is possible to obtain a government license for conducting offshore insurance business from Botswana. Different types of licenses for different insurance activities may be issued.

Infrastructure.  Botswana has a well developed infrastructure and telecommunications, being one of the most developed African countries. It has the necessary conditions for building factories and ensuring smooth manufacturing process.  Botswana has signed agreements with the EU and the US in terms of free exchange of certain products, which significantly facilitates international commerce. In addition, the government offers a number of incentives for companies engaged in activities in different market segments.